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About Us

Hi, I am Larry Goldberg, CEO of DBW Jewelry.  Jewelry has been a passion of my family for generations.  Beginning with my Grandpa Moe who was a wholesaler, he sold jewelry to retailers from his station wagon in the 1950’s and 60’s.  My personal experience started with my dad Bob who took me into the business to work with him selling jewelry for our cousin Skippy’s costume jewelry factory based in Rhode Island in the 1980’s.   Dad and I opened our wholesale business in Hollywood Florida 1984.  In the 1980’s, we were the first company to sell jewelry to a brand-new business that has now become a household name, Home Shopping Network (HSN) and what an amazing opportunity that was.   Fast forward to 2016 and now working with my brother Mark, we have spent two years developing DBW Jewelry.  An exciting brand of high quality, unique, engaging, and affordable line of interchangeable bracelets, beads and charms. Through innovative, outside of the box thinking and an investment in technology we will connect to you the consumer through enticing in store displays and a website that is fun, inspirational, entertaining, and engaging.